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My name is Aaron Trimble, and my home is in Eagle River, Alaska (where's that?) but I most of my time over the past few years has been spent attending Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I'll be moving back to Virginia in July or August of 2007 to start medical school at the University of Virginia. Before going to college, my parents homeschooled me all 13 years of my elementary and secondary education. My homeschooling experience was excellent, and I am grateful to my parents for this.

More than anything else, I am a committed christian.This means that I have decided (and must continually decide) that I will love Jesus and will live my life in a way that honors Him. This does not mean that I am going to cram my beliefs down you're throat if you're not a Christian. It does mean that I have a relationship with Jesus Christ, and I strive to build that relationship. I do believe that you are also invited to a relationship with Jesus Christ, and love to talk about it those who are interested in it.

The interenet ranks pretty high on my list of interests. In high school, I worked for Peter Torkelson at Advanced Design doing interenet development. Almost all of my work was PHP scripting and database design, but I also did some minor layout and graphical work as well. The interactive photo album here on this site was actually designed for use on former governor Murkowski's website, but I found the code to be quite useful, so I put it here on my personal website. Incidentally, Sarah Pailin, the present governor, also found the photo system worth keeping.

I have one brother, Sean, who recently finished Oak Brook College of Law, and has since moved to California. At the time of me updating this page (March 21st), he had just arrived and is looking for a job at a firm and anxiously awaiting the results of taking the California Bar exam.

My mother, Mary, now retired from homeschooling her children, is now opening up a educational assement service by administering the Woodcock-Johnson III tests of achievement and cognitive abilty to help homeschooling families better education their children. Her specialty is in learning disabilties. She tests dozens of cognitive capcities (processing speed, fluid reasoning, word retreval, decoding speed, short-/long-term memory...) and writes really accuate reports.

My father, Brian, is a neurologist at the Alaska Native Medical Center. The last year has been pretty exciting for him: he was awarded a 1.5 million dollar grant from the National Institute of Health to study stroke in Alaska Natives, and he founded the Alaska Native Stroke Registry. That's pretty cool. This summer (2007), before starting medical school, I hope to be helping him in this research program. In his off times, he enjoys hiking, working around the house, and playing with pictures and video on the computer.

Aside from working and doing school, I enjoy spending time with people, learning new things, running and playing frisbee with friends, and dreaming of what God may have in store for me in the future. Mathematics and the art and philosophy of problem solving is a passion of mine that has been developing for several years, particularly in the area of proof, truth, and randomness. I am yet a novice in this tremendous area of thought, yet it fascinates me like nothing else. One of my mathematical dreams is to study the mathematics of cryptology (codes) to develop safer, faster, and more secure means of communicating. Specifically, I am in interested in someone proving the strength of the RSA encryption algorithm or break it and replace it with a public/private key encryption method that has mathematically proven strength. (The RSA encryption algorithm is a universal standard yet it's strength relies only on a conjecture, not a proof)

If you'd like to IM me, my AIM screenname is mathcounts166.
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